Stand corrected on one point about the Confusionism of Charlotte and Scott

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Wed Feb 14 10:08:24 MST 1996

    Two comrades from Italy sent me what I believe is a correction
    of one of my assertions.  Apparently I wrote that Refoundaziones
    Communista was growing.  They stated that they remained stable in
    a (8%?) of the vote.  I didn't intend to say they were growing
    electorally.  My main point is that they are much bigger than
    the CPUSA was or is and that they act diffrently as to the internal
    factions and tendencies.  I was also told by these comrades that
    while tendencies and factions are allowed, they are insofar they
    are not posing a danger for the control of the former Stalinists
    to the party's control.  I stand corrected if that is the case.
    But still, my point is that the CPUSA *does not allow factions
    and tendencies at all, because they are "disruptive"* as stated
    by Charlotte.  That is a big difference with the RC, IU (Spain)
    or the PDS in Germany.


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