SPD and the Nazis

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Wed Feb 14 02:07:09 MST 1996

> Introduction:
> Comrades, what follows is my attempt to redrerss the balance of my post on
> Dimitrov.  the the KPD was at fault, but in fact the real villains of the
> piece were the moderates.
> Regards
> Gary

This was excellent. I agree with every word.

I think these arguments are particularly important since in the present
period we are not confronted with mass ultra leftism but mass reformism.

So, in Britain, there are always arguments along the lines of "introduce a
law to stop the Nazis" ( and therefore don't mobilise on the streets ).
Quite why we should believe that the British justice system should protect
Black people from the Nazis I don't know, but the example of the Prussian
state and its police force meakly accepting its destruction shows that even
in the strongest case possible for the reformists, holding positions in the
state machinery is no help in fighting fascism.


Adam Rose


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