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Wed Feb 14 10:53:49 MST 1996

This series of headlines is rather extraordinary, as individuals and as a

The IMF is lending Russia $9 billion even as strikes abound and the
government is contemplating renationalization; apparently fear of Russia
"blowing" (as Volcker used to say of Mexican default risk) outweighs normal
standards of lending prudence. Meanwhile, Germany and the US are jointly
arming the Baltic states and Russia is arming Turkey, a NATO country.

These are very strange times.


>-- [ From: Broadcast * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>The Jamestown Foundation
>MONITOR  -  A Daily Briefing On the Post-Soviet States
>* Russian internal affairs minister proposes renationalization of key
>industries and private banks
>* Duma commission to study "negative results" of privatization
>* Russian miners and scientists protest nonpayment of wages
>* IMF team arrives in Moscow to finalize $9 billion loan, Russian government
>reportedly agrees to abolish oil export tariffs
>* Russia protests extradition of Bosnian Serb military leaders to The Hague
>* Russia anticipates increased arms exports to Turkey despite their
>competition in the Caucasus
>* German and U.S. military assistance to Baltic states takes shape
>* Communist and nationalist Duma deputies visit Sevastopol, claim city and
>Black Sea Fleet for Russia
>* Duma vote to keep Russian forces in Moldova breaches Russia's obligation
>to Council of Europe
>* Kyrgyz president, seen by West as reformer, wins wide expansion of powers
>in referendum, intends to accelerate reforms
>* Two western companies launch gold prospecting and mining ventures in
>* Resistance forces step up fighting in Tajikistan, president grants
>economic concessions to Uzbek allies



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