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Wed Feb 14 18:29:24 MST 1996

Louis, some market socialist challenge the priority of class. Others
don't. Like me. Some planned socialist challenge it: Albert and Hahnel
come to mind as leading examples. Others don't. Generalizations here are
unrealiable. --Justin

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Louis N Proyect wrote:

> > 	How does market socialism attack the primacy of class?
> >
> Louis: I made a mistake when I said this. When Jerry Levy challenged me
> on this, I didn't rise to the challenge.
> My problem with market socialism is, was and will be that it is a utopian
> socialism. There is a convergence between thinkers who are staging a
> "retreat from class" as Ellen Wood puts it and those who advocate market
> socialism. For example, Hillary Wainwright's book "Toward a New Left"
> offers a total package:
> 1) Market socialism
> 2) elevation of social movements to the same level of class
> 3) localized struggles
> 4) enfatuation with the notion of "civil society"
> 5) disdain for struggles for power at the state level
> 6) concessions to postmodernism
> This is the sort of stuff that makes me grind my teeth and stay awake at
> nights.
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