re-ISO and Hamas

Michael Luftmensch MLuftmensch at
Wed Feb 14 11:37:30 MST 1996

re-ISO & Hamas


Adam Rose, if I understood correctly, you view Hamas as worthy of support in
resisting the designs of the Israeli state.

I ask you to reconsider. There are many other elements in Palestine (and in
Israel) who are opposed to Arafat's police state and to the Israeli
government's effort to turn the West Bank and Gaza into a bantustan. In the
recent Palestinian elections, many of them were elected as independents to
the Palestinian parliament.

In the eighties, the Israeli authorities tacitly supported the establishment
of Hamas in order to undermine Palestinian nationalist organizations.
Throughout the Intifada, Hamas tried to impose its will on the people by
violent means. In Gaza in particular, where support for Hamas is strong
(10-20 percent of the population) Hamas militants have played a despicable
role in coercing women into accepting their very sexist interpretation of

Hamas is a theocratic and deeply reactionary organization. I find it hard to
understand why a socialist would support it.


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