The collapse of capitalism?

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>> Hasn't capitalism proven to be rather
>>resilient in practice? If we believe that the collapse of capitalism is
>>inevitable, shouldn't we just wait for the inevitable to happen?

Yes, the fall of capitalism is inevitable.  If we examine the question from
a more philosophical angle, dialecticaly, no economic system is permanent
and ever lasting.  Ever social system grows and decays.  Capitalism is not
God's gift to the world.  At point it will be erased.  One of the major
themes of Marx's Capital is to discover the laws that will lead to
capitalisms destruction.  Read the Communist Manefesto, which is constantly
saying its inevitable.

        This does not mean that socilialism will inevitable overcome
capitalism.  Capitalism will fall.  But it is possible we could regresse
into a less aevanced economic system.  As Luxemberg put is "Barbarism or
Socialism".  Socialism is most definitely the overwheelming liklyhood - but
not 100%.  Even if it is 100% that socialism will come, our fighting for it
as actively & militantly as possible NOW, i.e. the subjective factor,
influences the tempo of events.  The subjective factor can determine if the
objective conditions which open up objective possibilties are realized.

        Praxis also demands action.  Theory wothout action is scholoastic.
The way we test our knowledge, our sense-data, or theories, or hypothesis's
etc, is through empirical testing in the real world.

Therefore it is essential to FIGHT for socialism not sit on our ass's and
say :it is inevitably coming".

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