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Thu Feb 15 00:05:56 MST 1996

You wrote:
>	My fear is that Mexicans are becoming a entrenched,
>class in America.  The possibility of extending full political
citizenship to
>these economic citizens of the U. S. is remote.  Furthermore, and
>more importantly, you can't protect illegals with unions.  If there
was a way
>to do so, I would be all for an open-border policy.

    Carlos Replies:

    The debate in California about full rights to immigrants has
    started. It isonly question of time and struggle.  There are
    already proposals to allow immigrants to vote in local elections.

    On the other hand, *militant* unions may very well defend
    immigrants against forced deportations and racism, provided
    that they act militantly and defying any law to the contrary.
    Nothing more that what they did to get unions to organize a 100
    years back.

    Moreover, the question of open borders is not a *revolutionary*
    demand but a democraic one.  So much that, at the beginning,
    fre traders capitalist not only included free trade in goods but
    also in labor in the form of free and massive immigration.


  Now, however, it seems
>that organizing has to do its job on both sides of enforced legal
>before those boundaries can be disregarded.  the important thing is
for the
>Mexican people to get political and economic power.  The ruling class
>Mexico (and south/central America generally) has to be the primary
target in
>that effort.  Illegal populations in the US, sending money home,
provide too
>much of a buffer for the oppressors at home.  The people across the
>Grande should get our political support, not low-wage dollars from
>	Ultimately their crisis has to be faced directly, otherwise the
>and the ruling classes of these countries will carry on an
>business of misery to suit themselves.
>	peace,
>		boddhisatva
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