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Thu Feb 15 01:28:13 MST 1996

At 10:01 PM 2/14/96 -0800, Brad wrote:
>Now for a brief interlude of fun...
>Brian C. sez:
>>Are you serious??  I can choose whatever economic relationship I choose to
>>engage in...I don't have my choices artifically limited (except to the
>>extent the current government does so).  "Market" socialism would
>>artifically limit those choices.
>You know, now that I think about it, the libertarians are right: workers
>CAN choose whatever economic relationship they want, when the choose to
>abolish capitalism...

Actually I don't have to wait to abolish capitalism to choose my economic
relationships.  For example, if I wanted to be a socialist, I would simply
refuse to engage in trade with capitalists.  I have friends who live on a
commune and adopt your beliefs very radically.  I personally would not want
to do so, but they seem quite content and amazingly enough capitalism
tolerates their choice.

Of course when socialists have their way, rather than being at the mercy of
a wide range of capitalists, individuals will be at the mercy of the state.
What was it Trotsky said?? Oh yeah,

"In a country where the sole employer is the State opposition means death by
slow starvation.  The old principle, who does not work shall not eat, has
been replaced by a new one:  who does not obey shall not eat."

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