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Michael Luftmensch wrote on 'the applicability of human rights to a situation of
armed struggle', finishing with the following question:

>Are there universal standards that can be applied to both Algeria and Peru?

To which a very brief answer can be given. Universal standards are for the
universe and are administered and policed by the Universal Commission for
Crimes Against Humanity in the Crab Nebula.

When it comes to the class struggle, however, there are proletarian
standards of class solidarity rooted in the task of mobilizing the whole of
the working class and the oppressed into a mass movement against the
bourgeois state. Any violation of these makes the task of organization and
mobilization that much more difficult. The use of terror affecting the
'popular masses' as well as the bourgeoisie and its regime is such a
violation (as is financing operations with drugs money), and is usually
carried out by forces whose policies are based on substituting themselves
for the class in mobilization. These violations are what need to be judged
by class tribunals, as has been pointed out earlier in the thread.

In the battle against the bourgeois state, such substitutional
organizations are in a common front with the party of the proletariat - but
as loose cannon have to be handled with tremendous care, especially if they
are the most powerful forces in the struggle at a given conjuncture.

This means that a revolutionary would never side with the bourgeois state
in its hypocritical campaigns against human rights violations. The
bourgeois state is fundamentally responsible for the terrorization and
violation of the humanity of the working class and the oppressed we see
around us every day, in situations of both peace and war. In matters of
moral authority, any collaboration with the bourgeois state will
immediately cover you in a sticky mess of foul-smelling slime, so to speak.
The working class and its allies must develop the strongest sense of class
independence on this kind of issue.

Amnesty International can provide useful material documenting state
oppression. What it can't provide is any kind of solution or leadership
pointing the way out of the contradictions of the bourgeois state
(democracy/oppression) which it focuses on.





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