Border Controls

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Thu Feb 15 05:04:33 MST 1996

sorry for quoting so much of your message, but I wanted to make sure I got
this straight.

You are essentially arguing here that because of economic disparities
between Mexico and the United States that Mexicans SHOULD NOT be allowed to
move freely from the United States and vice versa until those economic
disparities are corrected???

At 01:56 AM 2/15/96 EST, boddhivista wrote:

>	In the purest sense, a borderless society is a goal, and a near-term
>goal of the revolution.  However, the case of Mexico and America is a special
>one.  I'm trying to think of one, but I can't come up with a case of greater
>disparity in economic means across a border than exists across the Rio
>Grande.  Furthermore, many Mexicans are, of course, Americans.  This
>situation leads to something similar to that of an indigenous people and
>their usurpers.
>	My fear is that Mexicans are becoming a entrenched, disenfranchised
>class in America.  The possibility of extending full political citizenship to
>these economic citizens of the U. S. is remote.  Furthermore, and possibly
>more importantly, you can't protect illegals with unions.  If there was a way
>to do so, I would be all for an open-border policy.  Now, however, it seems
>that organizing has to do its job on both sides of enforced legal boundaries
>before those boundaries can be disregarded.  the important thing is for the
>Mexican people to get political and economic power.  The ruling class of
>Mexico (and south/central America generally) has to be the primary target in
>that effort.  Illegal populations in the US, sending money home, provide too
>much of a buffer for the oppressors at home.  The people across the Rio
>Grande should get our political support, not low-wage dollars from illegal

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