Poulantzas on Fascism

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I would just like to add some anecdotal evidence about the working
class and the Nazis.

In his book, "And the colour of our flag is red . . ." , Oscar Hippe
describes how the small number of Trotskyists organised after 1933.

He treats their factory cells as the place where they were most safe
from the Nazis. Now surely this could only have happened if the vast
majority of their fellow workers, even if some of them did vote for
the Nazis, were not prepared to turn them in ?

One of the most tear jerking moments in the book is when a good
comrade has to tell Hippe that the Nazi torturers have broken
him, and their cell has therefore been broken.

He also says that there was not any mass popular support for the
Nazis until the invasion of France in 1940, when there was an outburst
of genuine nationalist hysteria.

Non anecdotally, although I can't quote the figures, in the
factory council elections either during 1933 or shortly before
it, the SPD ( and NOT the KPD ) won the overwhelming majority, and
the Nazis got very few votes ( the figures are in Tony Cliff's
biography of Trotsky ).


Adam Rose


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