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Thu Feb 15 07:20:03 MST 1996

Misconceptions?  i.e. false consciousness?  I've wondered about this
one.  In capitalism, as I understand it, there is actually
competition for jobs, and the size of the reserve army of labor does
affect wages for those that are still employed, as well as increasing
pressure upon the employed to go along or 'there's more where you
came from'.

Therefore, as long as capitalism is still dominating the economy,
immigration does pose a direct threat to the income and job security
of the already employed, doesn't it?  I mean, to argue for a
longer-term and greater good is one thing, but some conflict of
interest is real in the short-term status quo situation, isn't it?

Are 'workers against immigration' just duped by capitalism?  Or is
that attitude a logical, self-interested result of a capitalist labor

Lisa Rogers

>>> Jack Hill <mlbooks at>  2/14/96, 08:01pm >>>
End all border controls, let all workers move to wherever they want.
End all discrimination against immigrant workers regardless of their
"legal" status.  This is a very simple and just position.  ...
Let me tell you though, this is not any easy sell among native born
American workers.  I think the position is simple and clear and
obviously just, but the bourgeoisie has planted a huge number of
misconceptions in the minds of most ordinary people.

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