Japan Branch of FI (Was Re: socialism in one country)

Iwao Kitamura ikita at st.rim.or.jp
Thu Feb 15 21:24:26 MST 1996

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996 09:01:46 -0800 Carlos wrote:

>You wrote:
>>At least, Japan branch of FI asserted that the simultaneous world
>>revolution would come soon around mid '70s. I don't know what it
>>exactly meant. :)
>    Dear Iwao:
>    I'm not aware of that stament.  Would you please ellaborate as
>    to which organization, when and referring to what that statement
>    was made?
>    Comradely,
>    Carlos

All right, Dear Carlos, I will search old books at my parents' house
about this matter when I go there. (in two-three weeks)
Shortly, Japan branch of Fourth International (directly translated from
'Dai-4 International Nippon-shibu') is a trotskyst or a self-named
trotskyist body established around 60. It split from the Trotskyist League.
They were recognised as 'principlists' among new left movements. They
were one of popular new left bodies that were born in student movement.
They once tried entryism to the socialist party and the league of
socialist youth in early 60's, but soon went away.
I have an experience of chatting with a member of the organization several
times at the university campus street in the latter half of 70's ('Chatting'
with members of other organization was my hobby at the time. We called it
"Schola" :) )
We agreed in many things, but what confused me was their assertion of
'the world simultaneous revolution' and thier call for SP and CP to make
a coalition to which they would never contribute. I believe the former
assertion of theirs did not mean a revolution in one day or one week,
but the term 'simultaneous' was still strange to me. Moreover, the latter
assertion seemed very inconsistent with the former.

in solidarity,

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