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> Just as the State/Civil Society couplet must be abandoned,
> so must the opposition between the material and the ideal

Hmm? why then:

> ground Guattari and Negri share -- Spinozism. Spinozism is

Spinoza if anyone was great theoretician of material vs. ideal opposition
or distinction!

Would you tell why you think that opposition between the material and the
ideal should be abandoned?

And pardon my conservative side, but Evald Ilyenkov wrote nice peace on
"The Problem of Ideal" [Voprosy Filosofii 6-7/1979]. I don't know
whether that essay has been translated in English. If that is the case,
then I recommend to take a look at it. E.I. tries to sketch both 'short
history' of the problem of ideal (from Plato to empiricism to Hegel;
oddly Spinoza lacks in his sketch) and the importance of the category of
ideal to materialism. I try to write few lines more about that essay
sometime later (especially if there is no English translation).

I think I should try to explain also my original question to Louis. That
comes in another post.

Yours, Jukka L

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