Japan Branch of FI (Was Re: socialism in one country)

The Organizer theorganizer at igc.apc.org
Thu Feb 15 10:22:03 MST 1996

The Japan Fourth Internationalists were known as the Japan Revolutionary
Communist League (JRCL). They were quite active in the anti-Narita airport
movement in the 70s. They had about 500 members I believe. Inside the the
USec they never advocated this bizarre "world revolution all at once" idea
which is the kind of characherization I expect from supporters of Stalinism.

I remember Scott for the CP had brought this up also. Of course given the
historical isolation of the JRCL from the rest of the world Trotskyist
movement it is not impossible they may of advocated something like this.

The JRCL has split several times. One of the tendencies, the JRCL
(Revolutionary Marxist Faction) has contacted the Workers International
Liaison Committee around various campaigns the ILC has initiated. They
put out a full size newspaper weekly and recently marched in Tahiti against
French nuclear testing, with banners in French, Japanese and English.

I haven't heard from the official JRCL recently but it is possible they
have gone the way of several USec affiliates: into oblivion.

David Walterss

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