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Adam, I think Hamas was created by the Mossad. At any rate, insofar as
they represent an anti-fascist and anti-imperialist force, they deserve

Shawgi Tell
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On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Adam Rose wrote:

> Tarik writes:
> >
> > i don't think Hamas in it self is worthy of suport from anyone, especialy
> > from a socialist even though the two major maxest groups in palestin have
> > allied themselfs with hamas after the "peace" agreements. but i also
> > think that any resistance to the ocupation is worth suporting.
> >
> Exactly.
> I support any Palestinian fighting against the Israeli state.
> Insofar as any PLO faction fights the Israeli state, I will support them.
> If Hamas is organising the stone throwing against the Israeli troops, I support
> them against the Israelis.
> If Arafat and co are attacking Hamas because Hamas is still fighting the Israelis
> and Arafat is colloborating with them, I support Hamas against Arafat.
> I always side with the people resisting Imperialism.
> However, this does not mean I support the politics of any faction of the PLO,
> or of Hamas. I do not think that allying with the rich, corrupt rulers of any
> other Middle Eastern regime, whether it be Iran,Syria,Libya,Jordan or wherever,
> helps the Palestinian cause. A successful fight against Imperialism can only
> come from the powerful working class across the middle east directed against
> those rulers and their Imperialist backers.
> Adam.
> Adam Rose
> Manchester
> UK
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