Shanghai Massacre (China seminar)

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Thu Feb 15 15:15:57 MST 1996

Dear Louis,

I really liked this post of yours.

The virtual China seminar that you (Louis P.) are planning to undertake
seems extremely interesting to me. Probably this kind of study would help a
lot of us to try and improve (or even change) some long-held views.

Personally speaking, doing a lot of research on events related to the
Chinese revolution(s) and on the very peculiar beast which is "Chinese
Stalinism", was crucial to break out of the crisis of depression that
overcame me at the time of the end of the USSR in 1991 and come back (a year
later) to develop my political interests and activities.

Could you provide me (and the Marxism list) with a short bibliography on
current events, ie the neo-NEP stuff. I guess this will encourage many of us
to do some more reading.

So long,


Louis (P.) wrote:
(long snip)

> As Marxists in 1996, we need to come to terms with our
>history. There is no reason to assume that just because Mao was at the
>leadership of a powerful revolution that liberated China after WWII
>that this was the only variant that was possible. We have to exercise
>our imagination a little bit. Other paths did exist.
>I plan to pursue these questions for some time to come. China is a
>country whose revolutionary defeats and victories we have much to
>learn from. The material in this contribution was based on Isaac
>Deutscher's discussion of the events of 1926 and 1927 contained in his
>"Prophet Armed".
>In months to come, I plan to report on the writings of Trotsky and
>Peng Shu-tse, a Chinese Trotskyist; and, Harold Isaacs and Les Evans, two
>American Trotskyists. I want to examine in some detail:
>1) the Chinese-Japanese war, the long march.
>2) the civil war with Chiang Kai-shek.
>3) the victory of the Chinese revolution and the nature of the Maoist
>4) the Cultural Revolution.
>5) China today and its "Neo-NEP".
--Luciano Dondero--

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