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>	THEN, you can do something no leftists ever seem to be able to do -
>join another group.  Join the IWW, or the CP, or the ISO, or the C of C.
>Join them all, keep your mind open, argue your points, try and influence the
>platforms, and try and promote unity among people with legitimate
>	The dumbest thing you could do, in my opinion, would be to sacrifice
>something as important as Marxism to your disdain of cliquishness. If they
>are a clique, then they should be ashamed of themselves, and you should
>them.  With so few Marxists in the world, party loyalty is hardly something
>to be proud of.  Leave party loyalty to the Democrats and Republicans.
>Marxists need to confront problems, not platforms.  Now, if these people
>can't be convinced of that, then you have to leave them, but don't
>	More than anyone, Marxists should be able to subsume their personal
>convictions into the greater revolution.

I have never agreed with anything more,
   Mike Dean

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