Chegitz and the American socialist left

Kevin Cabral kcabral at
Thu Feb 15 19:20:24 MST 1996

	While I strongly agree with Mark's analysis of Solidarity, COC,
and the SPUSA I would be interested in more information on some of the
groups Mark had questions on, and would like to comment on my experiences
with DSA.

	First on DSA, contrary to some I have had rather good experiences
with the party membership. I think the biggest thing with the DSA is it
depends on your party chapter, as a few are still closely in contact with
the Democratic Party though this approach seems to be deteriorating. As
even strongly DSA influenced publications like Dissent regularly take
shots at the Democratic Party. Regarding DSA, the group has also met
recently with COC, and SPUSA leadership to discuss merger and/or
cooperation problems. A meeting is set for March to come up with a more
concrete model, and perhaps a set of goals and a populist approach similar
to what the New Party has taken with mild success. Solidarity, and the
Freedom Road Parties will also likely be included in this effort.

	I really feel most of the people in DSA's politics are solid.
I did come into contact with one DSAer once, he runs the online page, who
advocates a "vanguard of intelligensia" and wishes to build amongst
teachers rather than workers. But the DSA can be counted among the
organizations on the left with the potential to grow, and one with a
traditionally non-sectarian approach. I strongly suggest contacting local
DSA chapters, just as much as I'd suggest working with COC, Solidarity, or
the SPUSA.

	I would like someone to elaborate more on the Labor Militant, and
the League of Revolutionaries for a New America. I understand the League
comes from the tradition of the Communist Labor Party. Can anyone
elaborate on the composition, organization, and willingness to cooperate
with other forces like COC, etc. for these groups. I did send the League
some e-mail a while ago, but they never responded with any information.
Anyone on this list associated directly or indirectly with either group?

Cols, Oh

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