The furure of socialism

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Thu Feb 15 21:53:46 MST 1996

>> I think this l*st is very important for the future of socialism.
>> Best, Jon Flanders
>... then the future of socialism is doomed! Get real, Jon. This is a Net
>mailing l*st. That's all -- period.
>Best, Jerry
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Dammit all, comrades, the heatwave has broken and my car is getting fixed
and I feel brave enough to have a go at this.  I am going to break a
personal promise not to respond to the Glevy header.

Once agains Jerry reveals the contradictory nature of his attitude twoards
the list.  Any hint of a hope for its potential greatness gets sneered at as
in "get real". And the mantra is added "It is only a mailing list".

But Jerry is nothing if not inconsistent.  He patrols this list with the
blow torch dispensing fuck yous to those he disagrees with.  Drowning the
poor moderators in absolutley reams of posts.  Crying "rape", "violation"
etc, saying the list is in danger.  He pours his heart and soul into the
list (and much of his posting is wonderful), but at the same time "it is
only a list".

What, I wonder,  does the "real" in get real mean?


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