Luis Quispe lquispe at nyxfer.blythe.org
Fri Feb 16 00:38:48 MST 1996

>  Ostrakava:
   We are going to respond with the same words that John Kerry (your liberal
   heroe) responded to George Bush: Kiss my ass "pigs" CIA, KGB, MOSSAD,
>                 Browsing the digest I came across the following by Mr. Luis
> Quispe.
> >We will take care of him.Louis
> >Godenas is 100%right,this vermin Carlitos is dangerous and
> >unbalanced.
>                This isn't even remotely funny.It is an implied threat.Which
> leads to the
>  question of criminal intent,and Mr. Godenas judgement of Carlos's mental
> condition
>   is no reason  to-"take care of him".For your information that's
>  conspiracy,with intent
>   to malice.
>                The Internet has enough problems with the government right
> now,and this
>   is just the kind of garbage the government locks onto.
>                It is also a destructive disservice to constructive leftist
> politics.
>               I might add Mr.Quispe,your publication The New Flag has direct
> ties to an
>  organization which the Federal Government considers to be terrorist.This is
> unfortunate,
>   but still a fact.It would take one fax to a Federal Agency to cause you
> serious grief.
>    For your sake-you had better hope Carlos remains in good health.
>              Your Publication could also be subject to financial
> litigation.If you are a Peruvian
>   national you face deportation or prison.You may want to consider posting a
> retraction
>   or an apology.If not,seek the advice of an attorney.Mr.Godenas,may want to
> consider
>   publicly disassociating himself from you.
>                                                                      Osa.
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