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Fri Feb 16 03:23:01 MST 1996

Dear Louis,

it's a good idea try to make a debate (or do contributions) about
the development of Chinese.
A friend of mine writes a book (I helped him a little) about China,
so I know also a little. We have a lot of debates in Stuttgart and in
Germany about these questions: cultural revolution, market
socialismus, and  a few weeks ago about the question: Is China now
a communist country.
I am very interesting in your and the comrades futher contributions.
Maybe we prepare some detailed criterium (Kriterien), what is
specific communist or in direction of socialismus.

I read the selected works of Liu Shaoqi, the great opponent of Mao,
and some novels about history. So just in time, the biographie of Eva

With solidarity - Wolfgang

PS: For your contribution about cultural revolution (in my opinion:
the chinese purges, similar, not the same as in 1936/38 in SU), can
You read the Memoires of Peng Dehuai, a famous Chinese general? There
you found an interesting letter to Mao, about the consequences of Maos
policy. (That told my my comrade Bergmann).

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