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>      Well, after all that obnoxious introduction, I have a
> point.  What about the Keralan Communist Party as a model?
> Kerala under their rule has achieved very high educational
> levels and high life expectancy, even for a very poor state
> in a poor country, social outcomes comparable to those in Cuba.
> But they have done so without getting on AI's naughty list,
> without a Cult of Personality, without throwing opponents in jail or
> executing them, or any of the rest of that stuff that various
> people on this list seem to think is just great.  So, is this
> a good model or what?
> Barkley Rosser

Louis: I think what is happening in Kerala is *absolutely* imperative for
the left to study. I especially recommend Food First's publications on
the Kerala model. Perhaps Berkeley can expand on this topic. We can all
learn from the development approach being taken in Kerala, which actually
has much in common with what the Sandinistas were trying to do in Nicaragua.

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