I love Shawgi Tell

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Feb 16 07:07:40 MST 1996

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, SHAWGI TELL wrote:
> Hey, Louis, I want to talk to *you* about China too.  However, I do not
> know enough about China, the Comintern and the late 20s.  Also, I am
> trying to avoid me email, at least a little. I'm trying to do my
> dissertation (due soon).
> I'm still working on that reference for you.  I even photocopied the damn
> thing and now I can't find it.

How can you not love Shawgi. He (She?) sends out this disarming and
rather sweet note on how he/she doesn't have time to get into the Comintern
and the late 20s because of schoolwork. This doesn't stop Shawgi from
continuing to do all sorts of archival research to find just the right
anti-Trotsky quote to blow me out of the water.

Shawgi, you know I have a lot of affection for you no matter how much
Stalin worship you carry out. But think about this:

You have approached this l*st as if it were a village and you were in an
airplane 10,000 feet above ground. For months you have been circling the
village and throwing leaflets out the window. Now our lovely
little village is strewn with paper everywhere. Cross-posts from the
Saskatchewan League for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat Now. Catalogs
of books that have an occurrence of the term "exploit" in them, such
as "How to Exploit the Coming Real-Estate Collapse and Maximize Your

You have been talking "at" us, but now when I want you to talk "to" us,
you have no time. Well, Okay.

I would only ask you to think twice before labeling us as fascists in the
superficial and rather sophomoric manner you have become accustomed to.
These are fighting words to many of us.

I myself was attacked by a fascist mob in Houston in the early 1970s and
had my front teeth knocked out. I have not been able to find a pair of
dentures that fit and I walk about looking like a jack-o-latern. My
social life has been shot to hell.

And what about the insult to Chris Burford. Chris took part in the battle
for Entebbe in 1944. They made a movie based on those events. As a matter
of fact, you know the character Gregory Peck played in that movie? Well,
that character's cook, a British soldier, was Private Chris Burford in
real life. He has a tale to tell.

Anyhow, just behave yourself. A little less quote-mongering and a lot
more study of history is just the prescription you need. All that
quote-mongering is not Marxism, by the way. It is scholasticism. It is
the sort of thing that Jesuits, Talmudic scribes, etc. do well. It leads
to pallor and mental exhaustion. You don't need that, do you, Shawgi.

All the best,

your uncle Lou

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