Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Feb 16 07:18:10 MST 1996

Hey, Ostrakava, why don't you take your finger-waving, law-invoking
bullshit and go somewhere else. I have my differences with Quispe, but
when I see your threats about "terrorism" and "foreign nationals", it
makes me want to put an electric eel in your knickers.

Louis Proyect

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996 Ostrakava at aol.com wrote:

>               I might add Mr.Quispe,your publication The New Flag has direct
> ties to an
>  organization which the Federal Government considers to be terrorist.This is
> unfortunate,
>   but still a fact.It would take one fax to a Federal Agency to cause you
> serious grief.
>    For your sake-you had better hope Carlos remains in good health.
>              Your Publication could also be subject to financial
> litigation.If you are a Peruvian
>   national you face deportation or prison.You may want to consider posting a
> retraction
>   or an apology.If not,seek the advice of an attorney.Mr.Godenas,may want to
> consider
>   publicly disassociating himself from you.
>                                                                      Osa.
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