Shanghai Massacre (China seminar)

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Fri Feb 16 08:44:29 MST 1996

To Luciano, Louis and others interested re China:

A very important book nobody's mentioned yet is:

        Chinese Revolutionary (Memoirs 1919-1949)
        by Wang Fan-Hsi
        translated by Gregor Benton
        Oxford University Press  1980

A first-hand account by a revolutionary Marxist in the thick of the
struggle, including his conversion with a number of other leading comrades
to a Trotskyist position while at a party school in Moscow, the development
of Trotskyism in relation to the CP (the author worked for a period with
Chou En-Lai) and the extremely relevant account of Trotsky's battle to
unite the four major Trotskyist factions in China in the 1930s.

This is Chinese Trotskyism from the inside.





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