Fri Feb 16 15:20:58 MST 1996

     Actually I do not readily have my hands on a nice
neat source that puts all together about Kerala.  I have
seen material scattered all over the place and therefore
it will not be easy for me to gather it.  I am, in fact,
despite my frequent posting, very busy.  Therefore I would
greatly appreciate it if someone who does have such access
would post some more detailed info about policies, politics,
stats on outcomes, history, etc. on Kerala.
     What I have seen has been very intriguing, and I gave
the basic gist of it in my last post.  One source, if I
remember correctly oddly enough, was a _Scientific American_
article on nutrition a while back.  Kerala was held up as an
exemplary case in dealing with the issue despite its poverty.
I have also seen various critical articles in mainstream
econ. journals.  They have tended to get on its case for
1)  not encouraging direct foreign capital investment,
2)  running budget deficits for their generous social programs,
3)  having people who don't work so hard because of those
programs.  Gosh, sounds like a terrible place!  Clearly we need
to get in there and shut all that stuff down!
Barkley Rosser

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