the Christian Coalition and the NOI, again

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Fri Feb 16 18:10:55 MST 1996


>I don't think anomie is enough.  A turn to 'religion' per se does not
>necessarily need to take the oppressive and intolerant form of the
>christian/islamic rightwing in the US.

Do you really think so, Lisa? Give us an example of a religious revival
that has not taken an oppressive form. I can hardly think of any, from
Calvinism in Holland to Methodism in England to the Great Awakening in the
U.S. to the rise of Islam in Iran after 1979 to the Hindu resurgence in
India from mid-80's to the rise of Catholicism in Poland after the "fall of
communism." And, of course, there are the examples you pointed out.
Theoretically, I can imagine a nonoppressive religious revival, but
practically I don't expect to see one in my lifetime. Lib theology doesn't
count, of course; the religion was already alive and kicking there.

This does not, of course, mean that every structure of religion is
inherently oppressive, or anything of the kind. I just think that the
dynamics that lead to revival are conducive to oppression.


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