Bourgeois politics and fascism

Bradley Mayer concrete at
Fri Feb 16 22:46:07 MST 1996

> You(Scott Marshal) wrote:
> >
> >Excuse me Brad. Aside from the distortion of our politics, where is it
> >exactly that you live and work. What is your responsibility? Pudit on
> the side.
> >
>     Carlos:
>     Brad Mayer delivered a brief, contundent criticism of your pro-
>     bourgeois politics, Scott and all you can come with is a question
>     or where the guy is working>
>     Why don't you explain exactly where he distorted your political
>     posiions?
>     Carlos
> >Brad Mayer for President. There that stopped Buckyboyo right in his
> tracks.
> >Bor I feel relieved now. Now the workers have a real alternative.

Here we go again... (but mercifully not for long on my part).

Just who the fuck are you to ask "where do I work...what are my
responsibilities...". You have no right to ask those questions of me.

Let's get back to a political discussion.  Since I've distorted your
politics, please enlighten me. Feel free to indicate your organization's
intentions in regards to the Democratic Party and Clinton, a relevant
question, since this is an election year.  Why does the Left in the
Democratic Party fail to mount even a token opposition to Clinton, the
most right-wing Democratic president since Harry Truman...or was that
Grover Cleveland?  Don't you see how the public debate in the electoral
arena is limited to that between various reactionary trends with the
Republican Party, which then goes on to constitute the "range of policy
options" that the electorate is supposed to "choose" between?  What is
your organization's strategy to come to grips with the most rightwing,
reactionary political enviorment to be seen in the U.S. in the 20th
century? (The balance of class forces is more unfavorable now than in the
20's or 50's, despite the Red Scare and McCarthyism).

Let's get serious and stop the childishness - our revolutionary lives are
at stake.

			-Brad Mayer

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