Threats and warnings

Chris, London 100423.2040 at
Sat Feb 17 04:27:32 MST 1996

Threats and warnings are part of the range of normal argument.

They risk escalating the conflict but they may sometimes be necessary.

Threats of the form "If you call me a "shit", I will call you a "shit"
thrice over" don't usually seem to help the problem.

Kevin's remarks, below, however, have  the merit of being brief,
and clear. While I would not myself formally
propose such an action on this uncensored list, IMO
Kevin's point is one of many, in which
subscribers have sought to make clear to Elsequin, his
approach is unacceptable.

I hope Elsequin will see it to his (?) advantage to understand their
point of view.

London,  Co-moderator


	Elsequin, please put your flames elsewhere. You've yet to say
anything intelligent amidst all your babble, and if you don't quit I'll be
sure to send your postmaster a message to stop you from sending e-mail to
Scott, the CPUSA, or the Marxism List.

Cols, Oh

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