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surely Feuerbach was important. But in that context [Spinoza, Hegel,
Marx & Althusser+Negri+Macherey+Deleuze on Spinoza/Hegel-Marx
relationship] I think I don't have to be ashamed of what I wrote?
Otherwise I agree. By the way: what about Marx's dissertation? I don't
know much about that.

Yours, Jukka L

> This attribution of Marx's materialism to Spinoza is certianly erroneous.
> Marx's materialism comes from Feuerbach. He did read a bit of Spinoza in
> his earlier years, but his allusions to S are always rather general.
> Insofar as S is ant sort of real inflouence on M's thought, it must be
> through S's influence on Hegel. In this regard S is to Marx the way
> Rousseau (actually in my view a more important influence) is, something
> gleaned through and filtered by Hegel.

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