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Sat Feb 17 13:08:53 MST 1996

On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, J Laari wrote:

> Justin,
> surely Feuerbach was important. But in that context [Spinoza, Hegel,
> Marx & Althusser+Negri+Macherey+Deleuze on Spinoza/Hegel-Marx
> relationship] I think I don't have to be ashamed of what I wrote?
> Otherwise I agree.

I don't understand, but that's all right. I have kept of of this thread
because I do not know the references.

By the way: what about Marx's dissertation? I don't
> know much about that.

I have read it, but I'm not qualified to remark on it as a piece of
classical scholarship. A friend of mine who is thus qualified (a Marxist
classicist-medeivalist) says that it's respectable considering the state
of scholarship at the time M wrote and that it was a doctoral
dissertation, which in Marx's time was more like a Mater's thesis today.
That is to say, if Marx had not written the thing, no one would be
interrested in it now.


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