Censorship and evasions

glevy at acnet.pratt.edu glevy at acnet.pratt.edu
Sat Feb 17 15:01:33 MST 1996

On 17 Feb 1996, Chris, London wrote:

> Jerry did not like my specific endorsement in a post signed
> as a comoderator, that Kevin had the right to warn
> that if Elsequin persisted in obscene attacks he would
> go to Elsequin's postmaster.

Chris, as co-moderator, endorsed the idea that one can/should contact
the postmaster of a li*st member and ask the postmaster to *censor* that
person's posts if one doesn't like the content of that person's posts.

That is endorsement of censorship -- pure and simple. I would have
thought that we, of *all* people, would be opposed to censorship by Net
providers and/or the government. I must be mistaken.


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