Louis Godena on Tony Cliff

Chris, London 100423.2040 at compuserve.com
Sat Feb 17 17:38:56 MST 1996

While I have been impressed with your spirited anti-imperialist
defence of the PCP, which has certainly made me look at their
ideas more closely....

I would ask you to moderate yourself in the tone of what sounds
to me like an attack on Tony Cliff. In terms of political practice
I have long personally had reservations about the UK SWP
but I have found Adam's contributions thoughtful and
usually constructive.

I really don't want to listen to a long exchange with Adam saying
how great Tony Cliff is and you saying how hopeless he is.

This l*st is a very strange place, a forum populated by people
from all different tendencies. If it is a war of each against
all, we will get nowhere. We have to have an assumption that
while our favoured point of view was mainly right, it is possible
that none of us, and none of our heroes, (and heroines?) was
completely right.

Or to put it another way, everyone was at least partly wrong.

But then I have finally succumbed today and bought two books
by Trotsky and two books by Trotskyists.

Take care,


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