PERU: Ashaninkas in the People's War.

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Thousands of combatants of the glorious People's Army of
Liberation and the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) are members of
the Ashaninka nationality as well as other ethnic groups that
inhabit the immense jungle region of the country.

Imperialism, the reactionary State and its class collaborators
have targeted these lands in their plans for a bigger plunder of
the natural resources, super-exploitation of the work force and
grabbing the land of these native peoples of the jungle region.
All these could not go on anymore.

The reactionary newspapers in Peru (La Republica, Expreso and the
Church Hierarchy) jumped to defend the interests of the landlords
who stand out not only as prosperous "lumber dealers" or "cattle
owners" or "exporters" and narcotraffickers but above all as
"bwanas in safari" hunting down natives for prostitution or for
the enslavement of their free labor for their companies and

Along with these exploiters are the officers of the genocidal
armed forces, who act like reptiles trying to perpetuate the
ignominious phrase that has been practiced for decades: "I have a
campita in my house"; "I have my servants campas" [trans. campas
is the demeaning name for the Ashaninkas used by the Peruvian

The reality is that the People's War has entered the scene to
resolve the semi-feudal and even enslaving conditions of
oppression and exploitation that for decades the caciques
(landowners), the imperialists and the State have subjected the
population of Ashaninkas and other peoples.

All the campaigns of the Peruvian press echoed abroad by the
imperialist press deliberately hide, among others things, the
following facts: encroachment, depriving the Ashaninkas and other
populations of their forest lands by the State bodies, through
the Ministry of Agriculture; granting the native lands to the
lumber dealers, multinational oil companies, miners, or the
credit banks to plunder their resources without taking into
account at all the wishes of the Ashaninka population.

The People's War has destroyed the power of the caciques and the
system of exploitation in wide regions of the jungle. It has
forged the New Power and has promoted the development of the
productive forces with the resulting social and political
emancipation. The condition of the peasantry has improved and
developed and there is no more serfdom or slavery, there is no
more despoiling of land nor trafficking with their consciences by
the ecclesiastic hierarchy and the evangelical groups.

The extremely undernourished children, the rags and misery, the
plagues and diseases, the ignorance and death that today affect
the so called "Ashaninkas" recovered by the armed forces from the
hands of "Sendero" are direct consequences of the troops of the
genocidal Fujimori who with the greatest cynicism exhibits before
the world their concentration camps, the Vietnam-style "villages
of civil defense" or bases of ronderos.

Forced military occupation is their plan, which they seek to
prolong. Despite the state of siege the armed forces have had
against the support bases of the PCP, they have not been able to
break the power of the new State that is flourishing.

The landlord-bureaucratic State subjected the Ashaninkas for
decades to an extreme condition of servitude, slavery and
disregard. The People's War emancipates them and finally the
State with greater and increased resources and its genocidal
armed forces can't reestablish the old order in the region. Here
is one more evidence of the unconcealed strategic equilibrium
that has shaped the Maoist revolution and that is a necessary
step and guarantee for the masses and for the proletarian cause
in the whole country.
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