Ralph Dumain rdumain at igc.apc.org
Sun Feb 18 01:10:13 MST 1996

I have a terrible habit of starting things I don't have time to
finish, but since I have a few moments, let me introduce something
I myself haven't had the chance to study but need to know more
about.  Have any of you familiarized yourselves with the Poznan
School of Marxist theory?  They do a lot of philosophy of science
and work on scientific idealization.  Their leading light is
Leszek Nowak, who has written, among other things, the
intriguingly titled THE STRUCTURE OF IDEALIZATION.  There is a
series of Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of the Sciences and the
Humanities.  Rodopi in Amsterdam publishes this stuff, but most of
it is too expensive.

I am reminded of Poznan because I just received the only book of
SCIENCES (Rodopi, 1982; Poznan Studies no. 7).  I'll probably not
have time to read this, either, but here are the contents:

Marxian methodology leads to the generalization of historical
materialism (L. Nowak)

A comparison of dialectical and Boolean-Algebraic models of the
genesis of interpersonal relations (D. Mefford)

Leninist dialectic seen from the point of view of Kenneth Burke's
dialectic: theory, analysis and ideology in Lenin's speech (C.

Logic, dialectics, politics: some recent controversies (H.R.
Alker, Jr.)

"What is dialectical logic?" (F. Loeser)

Pretty intriguing, huh?  I can't imagine what the article on Burke
and Lenin is about, but I am most intrigued, since I am a big fan
of Burke.

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