godena's slanders

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Sun Feb 18 06:50:24 MST 1996

> Although I am not a supporter of Cliff, some (at least) of these
> charges are slanderous and should be answered.
> Walter Daum
> League for the Revolutionary Party
Although I am not a supported of the SWP(UK) or the LRP, I want to thank
Walter for this post. I believe it is a requirement for serious political
activists to defend others on the Left from slanderous and libelous
charges. To do so says that one is both serious about politics and
recognizes the serious harm that has happened to leftists in the past as
a result of unfounded and scurrilous accusations. I think this is an
important principle for Marxists. I also believe that it is a simple but
essential act of solidarity to speak up for others who are unjustly
attacked for political positions that those individuals (or groups) do
not hold and to defend a person (or group) from baseless charges that
are intended to discredit that individual (or group). Do others agree?


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