Rahul Mahajan rahul at hagar.ph.utexas.edu
Sun Feb 18 07:07:40 MST 1996


>Rahul, you stated publicly what I was thinking to myself.  Another
>thing about the US marginalized left.  The leaders tyrannize their
>members becuase they depend on their suboradination for little own
>little fiefdoms, which ios all they will ever amount to,.  Also,in
>lieu of a mass movement, there is no one for socialist paerties to
>account to, so there is no check on their arbitrarireness and
>stupididty.  The SWP is an utter disgrace, and it is far from the
>worst sectarian party.  If anyone out there is thinking of joining
>just to belong to something, you are out of your fucking mind.
>The first rule for any medical practice, is not "get involved so
>you won't be on the sidelines", but:  "above all, do no harm".

Ralph, from whatever I've learned on the subject (most of it from this
list), it seems like you're definitely right about the incestuousness and
petty tyranny of many left groups. At a fundamental level, I agree with
"first, do no harm", but there's so much harm going on, and everyone who is
doing nothing is constributing in a minor way at least to that harm. Also,
there is no doubt that really understanding what is to be done is
difficult, so we can't afford the luxury of having everything worked out
before we start. I definitely agree that we need certain ironclad
principles firmly agreed on before we being, or any movement runs the risk
of enthroning a new tyranny to replace the old. That said, I'm interested
in your political viewpoint. You have repeatedly made statements like you
wish that all communist parties were wiped off the face of the earth,
you've made severe criticisms of any mass movement or movement that has any
potential to be so. I definitely understand and largely agree with these
statements, but I wonder what you would propose. You do believe in making
efforts to build a mass left movement, don't you?


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