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those litanies [below]: at least one, but certainly quite important,
thread at the background of the question concerning relationship between
Spinoza and Marx is a question of "whether Marx was dialectician, and if
he was, then to what extent?" Certain Althusserian and Althusser-inspired
(?) trend tries to deny Marx's 'hegelianism' in this sense. They have
tried to offer Spinoza as The Great Master behind Marx: Spinoza as
non-dialectical materialist.

Among problems with that effort is that there are some good reasons to
consider Spinoza as dialectician, proposed by Ilyenkov (at least in his
Spinoza-essay in "Dialectical Logic" which should be common book for many
people on this list) among others. More on that, for example: Vesa
Oittinen, "Spinozistische Dialektik" (Frankfurt/Main: Peter Lange 1994)
comes first into my mind. I could try to make a short bibliography if you
are interested.

Yours, Jukka L

On Sat, 17 Feb 1996, Justin Schwartz wrote:

> > surely Feuerbach was important. But in that context [Spinoza, Hegel,
> > Marx & Althusser+Negri+Macherey+Deleuze on Spinoza/Hegel-Marx
> > relationship] I think I don't have to be ashamed of what I wrote?
> > Otherwise I agree.
> I don't understand, but that's all right. I have kept of of this thread
> because I do not know the references.

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