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Godenas at aol.com wrote:

> But they, much better
>than us, know the world of "solidarity" is full of cheap political tricksters
> like the Muddled Professor, "Carlos",  and Louis Proyect. <snip>
> ..., so we needn't believe our Muddled
> Professors Leo and Lou when they present organizations or publications as
> being uniformly for or against this or that liberation struggle.  That is
> merely a unadorned reflection of their own turgid opportunism.

(1) Leo and Louis P. are not "professors." Leo teaches in high school and
Louis P. is a computer programmer who, *as you well know*, is not a
professor and holds that group in little regard. So why call them
"professors"? It is an obvious ploy to discredit them by association.

(2) A number of people have written to say that "Carlos" is indeed
Carlos, i.e. that is his real name. Yet you continue your totally
baseless accusations.

(3) "Cheap political tricksters." "Muddled Professor." "Turgid
opportunism." More baseless charges and cheap shots.

(4) Who is worse: a) Louis G?
                  b) Luis Q?
                  c) Shawgi?
                  d) Elsequin?

(d) is a jerk, pure and simple. He represents no threat to anyone and
only discredits himself by his posts. (a) or (b), I might be confusing
Louis G. with Luis Q., has threatened someone on the li*st with physical
violence (a possible death threat). (a)-(c) have leveled the slanderous
charges against others and deliberately misrepresented their political

A lot of people seem to think that (d) is the worst. I don't see why *at


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