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Sun Feb 18 08:22:31 MST 1996

I think Buchanan, demagogue that he is, is the only "candidate" who is
speaking to workers on issues that really matter (he has since dropped the
national right to work [for less] idea).  He piques their profound sense of
betrayal and fear in much the same way that Kirkland, Sweeney, Donahue,
Bywater, et al did a few years back with their covertly racist appeals to
economic nationalism and against "foreign" competition.  Buchanan does
something else as well.  He projects very well the worker values of
patriotism, loyalty and steadfastness to friends, sense of community, and
optimism that is wholly missing among people like Clinton (of course),
Wellstone, Jackson, and Bernie Sanders.  The latter three's mousey
disaffection contrasts sharply with what is really needed by an alternative,
resurgent political left.
                                           Louis Godena

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