Censorship and moderation

glevy at acnet.pratt.edu glevy at acnet.pratt.edu
Sun Feb 18 12:27:40 MST 1996

Chris, London wrote:

> I was relieved to read what Jerry would positively like
> for this l*st. It reduces my tendency to experience the
> exchanges as some sort of personal persecution, and I
> think has the opportunity to move the debate forward,
> whatever acrimony may linger.
> << If WE, i.e. the l*st, censored someone's posts, that would be
> DIFFERENT from asking (especially in the current political context) the
> NET PROVIDER (i.e. Postmaster) to censor someone.>>

I didn't say what I want for the li*t above. I said, in part, what I do
NOT want. I do NOT want moderators or subscr*bers threatening to turn
someone in to the cyber-police.

I am NOT even in favor of censorship when someone makes blatantly sexist
and masogynist comments ("_that time of the month_") on this l*st. I am
pleased,  however, when one of our community calls that person out on the
carpet for such an outrage. I would be even more pleased if that person
apologized as he did eventually after making a sexist and offensive
comment on PEN-L.

I do NOT want moderators making things WORSE by their actions (e.g.
Gary's flames and your threat to turn someone in to the their Postmaster
for the use of "obscene" language).

I WANT the moderators to *either* BEHAVE LIKE MODERATORS OR RESIGN. Is
that so unreasonable?


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