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Sun Feb 18 14:30:17 MST 1996

No, not *more* racist, more openly so however, as in the fact that one of his
campaign co-chairs is connected to neo-Nazis and another official to the
National Association for the Advancement of White People, he wrote the
Bitburg speech, he is with the Pioneer Fund,etc. etc. ...the thing that
bothers me is that he pretends to be a workingclass leader and therefore does
harm to the workingclass movement, as well as allowing for even more media
distortion of workers' issues. I of course agree with you that what must be
done is to build a truly independent workingclass political basis, on the
foundations of class struggle, antiracism, antisexism, against homophobia,
for peace, justice and solidarity, and, in the final analysis for
Warmest solidarity, Charlotte

(I used to use "comradely" but I do not want to be confused with a certain
other person)

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