Godena, a man not a mouse

boddhisatva kbevans at panix.com
Sun Feb 18 22:02:19 MST 1996

		Mr. Proyect,

	That was a stupid post.  Excoriating Mr. Godenas for a perfectly
harmless rhetorical point that was actually somewhat relevant is useless and
annoying.  If you a point to make about politics and male society then make
it and don't sneer.

	I took Mr. Godenas to mean that there is ample opportunity for  a
true, socialist, economic populist who can deliver his message with firm,
POSITIVE vision, instead of basing his rhetoric completely on some level of
carping and decrying.  One need not be classically "macho" to evince pride,
confidence and personal inspiration in one's actions or opinions.  It does,
however, help.  While this fact is an unfortunate by-product of the
patriarchy, it does not invalidate a call for purposeful and forceful



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