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Mon Feb 19 07:51:19 MST 1996

Bro. Condit, you inquire as regards the recent poll about Buchanan:  The
poll, ostensibly, applied to all union members.   Buchanan lead by 29 or 30%,
Clinton was at, I believe, 11%, and the rest were in single digits.  Needless
to say, the "undecided" category won by a landslide.
You will recall that union members backed Reagan in 1980, (overwhelmingly) in
1984, Dukakis (slightly) in 1988, and Perot in 1992.  Our votes may go one
way, but, given the nature of our organization, our money surely goes
another.   The AFL-CIO misleadership does not have now, and never has had,
the support of its rank and file membership.  Appeals by Kirkland, Shanker,
Trumka, et al to vote "for the Democrats"--presumably, the latter will cut
our throats more slowly, and, paradoxically, with less blood and pain--have
usually fallen on deaf ears.  This year, the increasingly pathetic remains of
what was once a proud organization will gather once again, though in a much
reduced state, to sniff the soiled behinds of Clinton & Gore, despite NAFTA,
GATT, striker replacement, double-breasting, etc    My own carpenters union,
I am given to understand, is more or less abandoning the presidential
campaign in favor of targeting the freshman Republican congressmen; it is a
tenable position.
                                                 Louis Godena

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