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Mon Feb 19 08:10:40 MST 1996

Has anyone here seen "The Dictatorship of the Proletariat: Marxism's Theory
of Socialist Democracy." by John Ehrenberg (New York & London, Routledge,
1992)?  It recently received a lengthy review in The African Communist (No.
142, 3rd Quarter, 1995)pp. 48-53.  A brief quote from the book:
   "As always there will be passionate controversy about what Marx, Engels,
and Lenin had to say [about the DP] and even more about whether their
thinking has anything to offer a world which is very different from the one
they knew...[I hold to] the orthodox claim that the theory is a democratic
one,  that it rests at the heart of the socialist project, and that it cannot
be easily abandoned even as its concrete meaning must be reassessed. (p. 187)
                                                              Louis Godena

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