Count me out of the Peru thread

glevy at glevy at
Mon Feb 19 12:05:05 MST 1996

This is getting pointless. It's like debating representatives of the Flat
Earth Society. Nothing that is said is heard. All of the credible reports
by independent organizations are labelled as lies put forward by US
imperialism and the Fujimora government.

I give up. If people haven't been convinced yet, they are not going to
be. Some "Marxists" would rather hide their heads in the sand than face
up to the ugly truth that some of their "comrades" are ruthless,
cold-blooded murderers. The positive side of this thread is that with each
post by the pro-Shining Path forces, they isolate themselves further and
reveal themselves to be sectarians without any sense of history. Workers
will not buy their garbage. Why should we worry about a few ....?

I'm out of this thread. Does anybody who has a mind of their own want to
talk about something that is important?


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