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Mon Feb 19 14:35:59 MST 1996

>Muddled Professor<
>those that can,do<  Mr. Godenas,

      Why do you feel the need to attack your enemies in
this way? Why the lack of compassion?

      Is it because you view people through the lens of Stalinist
 methodology-they become abstractions mere ciphers.Stripped
 of their humanity and dignity.

     You and Mr.Quispe will be manning the barricades with
 the likes of-Lavrenti Pavlovich Beria,and the other CHEKA
 scum your party so proudly emulates.

   I am sure your barricades will be rather thinly manned,
 after you and Mr. Quispe dispose of those who fail your
 ideological purity test.

  Your level of fervor and commitment seems quite
 high.>those that can,do<

   I will mail you free of charge my CHI.COM.SKS
 rifle ,so that you may go south to Peru-to take up
 the fight,and fulfill your internationalist duty.


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