Alleged PCP atrocities?

Matt D. mattd at
Mon Feb 19 15:29:53 MST 1996

Louis P. wrote:

>On Mon, 19 Feb 1996, Matt D. wrote:
>> an earlier post of yours.  But could you please provide me with *one, single
>> documented example* of the murder of a "leftist" political opponent by the
>> PCP?  Or *one, single documented example* of the "systematic use of massive
>> intimidation and terror ... against the population at large"?  Perhaps
then we
>> could discuss this more fruitfully.
>Louis: Matt, this list is simply not the appropriate fact-finding forum
>for establishing the guilt or innocence of Shining Path. All that we can
>do is accept the testimony of publications that have a *track record* for
>honest reporting. NACLA has such a *track record*. In its nearly 3-decade
>long history, the only objection to its coverage of human rights issues
>has been around the special issue on Peru from the late 1980s. The odd
>thing of course is that the magazine took heavy static over the inclusion
>of an article by Carol Andrade that was sypathetic to Shining Path.

Yes, they quickly corrected that mistake didn't they!  Wouldn't want to com-
promise their "objectivity" -- like the rest of the liberal media.  That they
would get static over that says much about their "track record".

>only parties that have called the Degregori article false are Shining
>Path supporters. Not a single independent human rights group or left
>group has challenged the findings of Degregori.

This is the best you all can do?  Degregori didn't have any "findings" --
he was just parroting a report from the military (which, of course, is the
standard M.O. of the so-called "Senderologists").  I mean, c'mon!
La Gringa?!  This is your best documented atrocity?

If that is the case, then no one on this list can any longer assert that the
PCP murders political opponents on the left, or has ever terrorized the

I guess we can consider the case closed.

-- Matt D.

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