'stalinist' / censorship

Lisa Rogers eqwq.lrogers at state.ut.us
Mon Feb 19 17:46:17 MST 1996

Oh, my heck!  Golly Jeepers!  Do I have to read every column in the
newspaper I take too?  Will I be "undemocratically controlling the
list" if I start deleting everything from certain people without even
opening it to look inside first?



>>> Karl Carlile <pad at iol.ie>  2/19/96, 11:24am >>>
Whatever one may think of the politics and correspondence of >these
three ultra-Stalinists< to intimate their deliberate isolation within
the marxism list constitutes a sectarianism to which I am opposed.
This kind of politics of Louis' can be deployed to isolate
individuals whose politics Louis and others may feel threatened by.
This can develop into a conspiratorial, dare
I say stalinist, strategy to isolate and thereby indirectly force
cetain political elements out of the list. Ultimately it is a way to
seek to undemocratically control the list.

Yours etc.,
                  Karl Carlile

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